Maxima Formula K2 100% Syn. - 1 L

Maxima Super M Smokeless Premix - 1 L

Maxima Super M Smokeless Premix - 1 L

Maxima Castor 927 Racing - 1 L

Maxima Castor 927 Racing - 1 L

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Størrelse : 1L

Full synthetic, triple ester 2-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection and performance under extreme race conditions. Clean burning, ring stick resistant formulation utilizes high molecular weight, surfaceactive esters to ensure optimal ring seal and maximum power. Advanced, low-ash additive system minimizes carbon build up while preventing rust, corrosion and wear.


▪ Race track developed with factory race teams

▪ Ultimate hardware protection for even the most aggressive riders

▪ Optimal ring seal ensures maximum power output

▪ World-class, proprietary additive system and esters combine to virtually eliminate wear

▪ Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces, keeping them clean and protected


For all 2-stroke gasoline engines. Designed for high performance applications. Premix only formulation is safe

for use at any OEM-recommended ratio.


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