Braking Bat Fly Disc Front Ø270

Hinson Slipper Clutch kit

Hinson Slipper Clutch kit

Braking Bat Fly Disc Ø270

Braking Bat Fly Disc Ø270

1.959,00 DKK
Vare Nr
Størrelse : 270 MM

Outer Diameter: 270,00
Inside Diameter: 127,50
No. Of Holes: 6,00

The BATFLY rotor with WAVE profile reaches a new evolution. The brake rotors outer track mounts to the newly designed carrier at 6 points both the carrier and the rivets are now aluminium instead of stainless steel with reduces weight.

BATFLY geometry with directional WAVE profile. The carrier is now made of ALUMINUM AL7075 T6 like the rivets this allows for optional shape, reduced weight and higher rigidity.

The BATFLY grooves on the disk's surfaces create a self ventilating mechanism allowing the rotor to cool down. Mud and dirt are easily cleaned from the pads surface and outer braking track.

The outside and inside disk's diameter have a round design which allows a better radial expansion of the disk in extreme heat conditions. Carrier and rivets are now made of high performance aluminum and allow a real impreovement in handling, thanks to the reduction of the unsprung weight.

The brake disk i directional. Verify that it mounts correctly by checking the rotational direction marked on the carrier. Always combine new BRAKING pads with the new disk. Run in as per mounting instructions.


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